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    R6,499.00 incl. VAT

    The Debonair Collection holds vast uniqueness and boasts elegance, to which we gained inspiration for the Debonair’s dial from the view that the driver has when sitting in the driving seat.

    From the driving seat, you firstly have in sight the steering wheel followed by the speedometer. Following the retro flair, we ensured the steering wheel was of the 1960’s era with the 3 spoke big hole style, we raised the wheel from the dial surface to boost dimension.

    We have the added feature of the colour change at 10 o’clock to add authenticity of a speedometer’s rev limiter. The coloured aluminium case rings add to the elegance of the watch and with a detailed stamped caseback the Debonair aims to please all of its owners.

Showing 5–5 of 5 results