Super Car Lifestyle has a strong belief in giving back to the community. We therefore often have a strong charity aspect to our events. Although not limited to, our two primary beneficiaries are the Motor Sport Legends Benevolent Fund and the QuadPara Association of South Africa.


The Motorsport Legends Benevolent Fund


In recognition of South Africa’s proud motorsport heritage, and of the passion of competitors past and present, the Motor Sport Legends Benevolent Fund, administered by The Motorsport Legends Association, was created. The primary objective is the provision of emergency financial relief within the motor sport community. While members of the community who are at an advanced age are a priority for assistance any member of the fraternity who is brought to the attention of the fund as being in dire need of assistance is considered for such assistance. Funds are raised through donations and by staging of special events.


As an offshoot to the fund raising activities of the association, and with the valuable support of the Franschhoek Motor Museum, a motorsport archive has been established at the FMM to ensure that valuable motorsport memorabilia, photographic and written records are collected and preserved as part of our national motorsport heritage.


QuadPara Association of South Africa


QASA was established in 1978. Since then the organisation has grown to include eight regions. Five years ago QASA employed its National Director to develop the organisation. QASA has subsequently devised a strategy and business plan including access issues, education & skills development, rehabilitation, advocacy & lobbying, and awareness raising.


QASA’s function is to serve quadriplegics, paraplegics and the disability sector in general in whatever capacity our members find most constructive. The organisation aims to assist people with mobility impairments to lead independent lives with a decent standard of living, in areas ranging from personal care and assistive devices to adequate skills development and employment.